Registry Search + Replace

Registry Search + Replace

Registry Search + Replace helps to automate the frequent maintenance of the Windows NT and Windows 95/98 registration databases. The registry serves as the primary source of configuration information for the user's operating system and applications.

Current Version: 2.15
Release Date: August 16, 1999

Click here to download the latest version! (~ 670K ZIP file)

If you don't already have the Microsoft MFC42.DLL, MSVCRT.DLL, and MSVCIRT.DLL files, please see the FAQ

Registry Search + Replace v2.15 Features:

AutoClose no longer prompts to click OK when finished
Updated to be completely compatible with Win2000 and Win98
Verified to be completely Y2K compliant

Registry Search + Replace v2.10 Features:

Bug fixes! Value replacement under Win95 now works...
Added AutoClose setting for profiles to enhance automation
Changed mailing and homepage addresses

Registry Search + Replace v2.00 Features:

New, easier to use tabbed interface
New search profiles let you save, restore, and automatically start search sets
Integration with the Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 Start Menu -> Find
Ability to search registries on remote machines
Ability to search for registry values in addition to data
Prompted or specified replacement
Improved registry search criteria
Enhanced performance and thoroughness

Registration information:

RegSearch is shareware. If you want to use it past its 25-use evaluation period, you can register it for $20.00 (US funds) using one of these two methods:

Use a credit card and order via the internet via Public Software Library (PsL)
Send cash/check/moneyorder to: Steven J. Hoek Software Development, 6173 Sunningdale Drive, Hudsonville, MI, 49426


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Accolades + Appearances:

WUGNET® Best Choice Shareware

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